Project Description


Our lawyers have an extensive experience in Administrative Law derived from their active intervention in infrastructure projects, relevant for their social profitability and the amount of the investment.

Our lawyer’s experience includes:

  • Collaboration with different Government entities in the development of public policies.
  • Legal counseling for implementation of different infrastructure legal strategies, including the preparation of pre-feasibility and feasibility legal studies.
  • Legal counseling for developing all kind of public bids procedures, as well as all required documents to such effect, including authorizations requested for starting the public bid procedure.
  • Leading complete public bid procedures starting from the elaboration and publication of calls, proposals presentation and review, to the awarding and execution of administrative contracts and concession titles
  • Monitoring the fulfillment of the concession titles awarded, as well as of different administrative contracts.
  • Preparation of legal opinions related to different Administrative Law matters.
  • Management of different issues and procedures before administrative authorities such as the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation, the Federal Institute of Communications, the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs and the Secretariat of Economy, among others.
  • Management of different issues before the Antitrust Commission, National Institute of Migration and the National Water Commission.
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