Project Description


Also our Firm has the support of a group of experts in strategic planning that allow us to offer consultancy related to technical, financial and organizational services, through several diagnostics and studies of competitiveness needed to enable integral investment projects and to define plans and models of different businesses.

This way, the financial evaluation services provided by the Firm ´s collaborators consist in the following:

  • Financial studies for Port and Road Concessions.
  • Financial studies to establish the amount of the partial assignment of rights for Port facilities.
  • Financial studies in order to establish the potential and technical reference value in Port public bid procedures.
  • Financial advice in Port public bid procedures.
  • Financial studies in several public-private associations projects.
  • Studies on current business projects.
  • Company’s value/Economical potential of the Project.
  • Development of analysis procedures to determine the ratio cost/benefit for governmental programs.
  • Real Estate appraisals.
  • Companies valuation:
  • Operative, technical, commercial, administrative and legal diagnostics.
  • Business model analysis.
  • Business plans.
  • Development of the financial schemes.
  • Indicators of financial valuation: TIR, VPN, return of investment, among others.
  • Scenarios and sensitivity analysis.
  • Value opinions.
  • Company’s value/Economical potential of the Project.
  • Infrastructure valuation.
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