Project Description


Our team members have an extensive experience in the port sector, providing legal advice for the public (Secretariat of Communications and Transportations and Port Administrators as public owned entities), and private sector (foreign and local port operators, providers of port services, assignees and concessionaires).

Our lawyer’s experience in the fields of Administrative and Corporate Law, allow them to provide an integral assistance which includes their intervention on the development of business models, designing strategies for public bid procedures and the implementation of the procedures for awarding Contracts of Partial Assignment of Rights to design, construct, equip and operate specialized terminals for containers as well as different port facilities.

Furthermore, our lawyers have been in charge of legally assisting many private investors in order to implement a wide range of businesses in the Mexican Port Sector, as well as in the negotiation and execution of amendments for the Contracts of Partial Assignment of Rights and Contracts for the provision of Port Services and also for audit procedures in order to verify the correct execution.

Finally, our lawyer’s experience has been traduced in successful bid processes regarding the award of the contracts in benefit of our clients. To date none of the process in which we have participated has been declared null or void.

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